5 Home Remedies to Remove Old Scars

Scars may result from burns, scrapes or old cuts. These marks can be a source of discomfort and uneasiness, and they are unsightly too. Although scars can be hidden with clothing or may be covered up by makeup, there are also other ways to get rid of them. Cosmetic surgeons can suggest laser treatment to remove your scar but this is so costly that many people cannot afford it. Fortunately there are more economical and natural remedies that can help remove old scars that can be used at home, for your convenience.

Home Remedy #1: Vitamin C

Home Remedies to Remove Old Scars As stated by eHerbal Remedies, vitamin C contains healing properties that enhances blood clotting. This can be helpful in minimizing the look of old scars. The ascorbic acid contents of vitamin C also aids in removing old scar tissue. You can take vitamin C internally but for treating old scars, you can resort to topical vitamin C cream or serum. To achieve best results, apply the cream two times a day.

Home Remedy #2: Cocoa Butter

The vegetable fat which is derived from the cacao beans is known as the cocoa butter. This has good moisturizing properties that can soften the skin which is applicable in removing old scar says the Scar Help Center. Put some cocoa butter on your scar and massage it gently including the surrounding area for about 5 minutes, two times a day. It takes time to have visible results but it begins to soften the scar tissue making it less noticeable.

Home Remedy #3: Cucumber

Usually, slices of cucumber are used to lessen puffiness under the eyes and this can also be done for scar removal. According to eHerbal Remedies.com, cucumbers help to reduce bruising as well as swelling as they can be effective in diminishing the appearance of old scar tissue. But instead of making slices from the cucumbers, you have to mash the cucumbers into paste then place it on your scar after which you wrap it with bandage and leave it on for overnight. After doing the procedure repeatedly, the scar will then be smoothed out.

Home Remedy #4: Honey

According to eHerbal Remedies, honey is effective in reducing the appearance of old scars since it moisturizes the skin. Thus, it makes the surrounding area of the scar to appear smoother and plumper. Honey can also decrease inflammation, making scars less noticeable. It also stimulates growth of new cells which replaces scar tissue with fresh skin. Honey is to be applied two times a day and allow it to sit in for at least 15-20 minutes. You can also leave it overnight by placing a bandage over the scar.

Home Remedy #5: Lemon Juice

The acidic nature of the lemon juice works as a natural exfoliant and bleaching agent to dark scars. Lemon juice remove layers of dead skin as well as tissues of the scar making it appear less visible. The vitamin C content of lemon juice is a natural skin brightener. Slice the lemon into haves and rub it on your skin as you massage it onto the scar for about 5-10 minutes. Rinse the area with cold water after.

Scar removal does not necessarily have to be expensive. Home remedies may not totally remove scars but these natural treatments will lighten the unsightly appearance.

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