The Use of Coconut Oil for Acne Scars

In tropical nations, many people have been using coconut oil for a long period already. Aside from being an excellent vegetable fat, it is also an excellent fuel and a skin moisturizer at the same time. The question is does it have the ability to remove acne scars? Does it help fade these scars? Read on to know the answer.

Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

Coconut Oil for Acne ScarsA moisturizer is said to help fade acne scar or any scars since it can gives moisture to the skin. Moisturizer makes the skin surface smoother. In addition, it increases the skin’s ability to heal by itself. Coconut oil can be considered as a moisturizer. However, there are no supports about the effectiveness of coconut oil to heal acne scarring or any kind of scars. It is believed that coconut oil is just an ordinary old moisturizer.

The Best Moisturizer to be Used

Many people are wondering which one is the best moisturizer that must be used. There are no big differences among the moisturizing products that are out in the market today. The only thing to rely with is which one do you prefer? Most people choose aloe vera. Meanwhile, hemp is another one many people prefer most especially those experiencing dry skin. Others like the smell of cocoa butter so they buy this kind of moisturizer. If you prefer coconut then go ahead and use coconut. It is not a big deal which one do you use, what is important is you are moisturizing your skin. Doing this thing can be considered enough.

Choose Moisturizer based on Skin Type

Choosing a moisturizer is very important if you have that oily type of skin or dry skin. If you have a naturally oily skin, avoid moisturizers which contain too much oil because adding more lubrication into your skin can cause more acne. The reason behind this is that the pores are clogged because of too much oil thus leading to more acne. On the other hand an individual with dry skin needs oily moisturizers so as to retain oil in the skin.

Cococnut Oil on Acne Scars

Is coconut oil effective for acne scars? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Coconut oil works only as a moisturizer to the skin. Massaging it can simply improve the flow of blood to the affected areas and no other benefit is known other than that. The effect is just the same with any other kind of moisturizer. Just plainly use coconut oil if you simply like the smell of it. Bear in mind that the use of coconut oil is just a matter of personal preference.

Coconut is not considered something special compared to other kinds of moisturizer. It can be chosen based on the fact that you simply like it. Coconut oil may not totally remove acne scars but it may help to lighten them. In addition, be sure not to apply too much coconut oil on your face because it might just aggravate your acne breakouts.

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