The Use of Lotion to Remove Scars

It is the skin that protects the body from infection and if the skin is injured it will surely create scars. This is a normal part of the healing process which develops as the skin repairs wounds due to accidents, diseases, surgical incisions or acne. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) scars appear to be thick and red when healed and fade gradually in due time. Fortunately, there are some lotions or creams that can help minimize the appearance of scars.

Effects of Scar Lotions

Scar lotions, creams and gels helps the scars to fade, says the AAD. Scar lotions help to flatten raised acne scars, soften the appearance of shallow, saucer-shaped acne scars. In addition, they also contribute in the improvement of skin discoloration. Both over-the-counter and prescription lotions, creams, ointments and gels can also help in fading away scars that are due to surgical incisions and other skin injuries, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Types of Scar Lotions

Lotion to Remove Scars Lotions that contain glycolic acid, retinol and vitamin C help with minor acne scars to become less visible. They also make the skin look plump and firm as well. At the same time, this skin lightening lotions and creams can even out discoloration once the acne has cleared out.

Other gels and creams that has ingredient like onion and allium cepa. These products can help soften and smoothen scars from surgery, burns, injury and acne too. One example of this kind of product is the Mederma, as noted by

Other Treatments

If you are not contented with the outcome of the use of scar lotions and gels, there are other options which you can use to remove your scars. These include surgery, dermabrasion, laser therapy and injectable fillers like fat or collagen as mentioned by the Mayo Clinic. You can also use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 or more to protect your scars and minimize their appearance.

Time Frame

According to the American Academy of dermatology, the use of scar lotions, creams, and gels must be done continuously so as to achieve best results. Mederma should be massaged directly to the scar 3-4 times a day within 2-6 months based on the size of the scar or how long is has been there already.


Although scars will not completely disappear, they fade over time. Factors that may affect the improvement of scars include the size, severity and direction of the wound along with your skin type, age and sex. The American Academy of Dermatology specifies that the deeper the wounds the longer they heal and more susceptible to leave scars. However, scars can heal considerably in just a few months.

Scar lotions may not be as effective as cosmetic procedures in getting rid of scars but they can definitely reduce the unsightly appearance of these marks. Ask the help of your dermatologist in choosing a scar lotion which will work best for you. You may also incorporate a few other techniques or treatments to meet the results that you desire.

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